About Jaspy's Hobby Land

For over 40 years, Jaspy’s HobbyLand has been providing sports and card collecting enthusiasts with a hobby-first, family run store!

At Jaspy’s, we pride ourselves on the best customer services in the industry while keeping the hobby fun. We offer live case breaks Monday thru Friday featuring the newest and hottest products on the market. Case breaking has become the best possible way to collect a team or player for the lowest cost as box prices have risen! Check out the biggest hits that have come out of our group breaks in our Big Hits section of the website and see what they were bought for!

Finally, thank you very much for visiting our site and shopping with Jaspy’s! We are here for you, our customers and would love any feedback on how to make your experience better!


Meet the Team



Mike Jaspersen is a 40-year veteran of the trading card and collectibles industry. He has owned and operated two brick and mortar hobby shops, attended over 400 collectibles trade shows, and worked as a Beckett Publications price guide editor and author. Mike also managed The Topps Vault ecommerce program for 12-years while employed with The Topps Company as its Industry Specialist. During his tenure of managing The Topps Vault, Mike and his team oversaw over 250,000 eBay auctions. Mike was responsible for all Topps Vault website content and directed the Topps.com ecommerce warehouse operations.

Mike Jaspersen is a second generation hobbyist. Mike’s father, Bob Jaspersen, is one of the original hobby pioneers and publisher of one of the first Sports hobby publications. Mike attended his first sports card show in 1969. Other than a stint with the U.S. Navy Seabees, Mike has been a fixture in the trading cards and collectibles industry.

Mike is enthusiastic about the new direction of the trading card market. “The online live card case breaks that are becoming increasingly popular are creating communities and enhancing interest and sales for the whole industry.” Mike looks forward to becoming a part of this market and sharing with his kids – third generation collectors, his passion for the collectibles business.


Mike Somich has been collecting since he was four years old. As an avid Cubs fan in Rochester, NY, his first collections was Ryne Sandberg. Upon moving to St Louis, Mike’s hobby transformed to Brett Hull and the St. Louis Blues. As a 12 year-old he was named a Super Collector in Beckett Magazine for his Hull/Blues collection and has continued collecting since.

He ran his first successful sports card business in High School buying and selling graded cards on the Pit.com. Today you will find him hunting down cards to add to the world’s largest and most complete 1996-97 Upper Deck Hockey Game Jersey collection.

Mike has been involved on both the customer and consumer side of Box and Case breaks since 2010 and is excited to implement those lessons to make Jaspy’s Hobbyland the best box/case break experience on the planet!


Nick Jaspersen is a third generation sports collector. He has grown up chasing the greatest deal on the hottest cards, attending trade shows, studying prices realized, and of course, watching his favorite teams play.

Nick has worked at three of the last National Sports Collectors Conventions. Assisted with set up at the Topps Company booth, where he helped to answer customer questions, and even took charge of the difficult task of customer line management. He has also assisted dealers, such as Blowout Cards with their promotions at the National Convention.

Nick has been watching and participating as a buyer in the case breaking business for the past three years, and eagerly looks forward to pursuing his passion and building Jaspy’s HobbyLand, into a successful enterprise.



Joe Lee does not remember when or where he first encountered a baseball card but etched into his memory is a grainy image of 22-year-old Barry Bonds captured at the completion of a mighty swing, his bat about to curl around his torso, a bright yellow Pittsburgh Pirate helmet on his head, his eyes locked upwards, a grimace on his face: “A [bleeping] pop up.”

This image was framed in faux wood. This was a 1987 Topps baseball card.

Barry Bonds launched Joe’s love for baseball cards and cemented his love for the sport; Ironic considering the hatred that Joe - a die-hard Dodger fan - would feel for Bonds years later.

Then came the maroon-back '89 Topps baseball cards, the complete set of '92 Upper Deck baseball gifted to him by his aunt, the allowance saved to buy packs of Donruss from the ice cream truck, the binders, the obsessive sorting into teams, then re-sorting in order according to the checklist, then alphabetically, then, then, then.

Then he stopped caring about baseball cards.

He never stopped loving baseball but The Hobby didn’t appeal to him anymore.

Worn-out, baseball-card-filed binders were shoved into a deep corner of the closet; forgotten only until they faced the threat of the trash bin.

Flash forward through his years as a sports fanatic, musician, record collector, journalist, political scientist; Flash forward through years in eCommerce at eBay resale stores and high-end fashion boutiques.

The long and winding road brings Joe home to Jaspy’s Hobbyland - The Home Of The Big Hits - where his dormant passion for The Hobby is reignited.

And, to think, Joe - did we mention he is a die-hard Dodgers fan? - has that wood-framed ‘87 Topps baseball card of Barry [bleeping] Bonds to thank for all this.

Now go buy into some case breaks so Joe doesn’t have to work a real job ever again. ;)

And [bleep] you, Barry Bonds.